Quarry Farm Riding School

Riding School

Covid Procedure

We are over joyed to be back up and running, but there are a few procedures we need to adhere to to ensure the safety of staff and riders alike at the stables. Please read these guides carefully:

Upon arrival

Riders aged 12 or above: Please can RIDERS ONLY report straight to the front of the office. Riders MUST wear face masks until mounted. 
Riders aged under 12: An adult may accompany the young rider to the office. After your child is mounted you will need to go back to your car.
Sanitize your hands at the office.

During lessons

All staff will be wearing visors/masks when mounting and teaching.

If you wish to spectate you may only do so by car. You may drive your car down to the school yard to watch. Please remain in your car. If you need to accompany your child to the reception then please wear a face mask AT ALL TIMES.

At departure

Place your borrowed helmet at the office. This will be then be cleaned and quarantined until it is able to be reused.

Sanitize your hands once again.

And above all please bear with us, this is all new to all of us and we are trying our best to get it right!

Thank you!