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Mavros The Mechanical Horse

We are so excited to announce the arrival of our new teaching simulator at Quarry Farm

Mavros the horse simulator is going to revolutionise the way we teach all our riders alongside our actual living horses.

Mavros gives riders the opportunity to practice their walk, trot and canter. He allows the riders to practice making both upward and downward transitions of all three paces and within the pace and includes the halt.

He can be controlled in his upwards and downward paces, either by the use of a control panel on his side, or the rider can have full control with both the use of the reins (which act on a rein sensor) and the use of their legs (which act on the pad sensors under the riders calf)

There are many benefits to working with Mavros.

For Beginners:

He allows the rider time to become familiar with the following:

*understanding their basic position

*The use of the aids in an upwards transition and a downwards transition.

*Finding their centre of gravity and balance

*Developing their stamina and fitness level

*Improving confidence, especially on transitions and canter.

*Improving co-ordination and harmony

For the more established rider

He allows the rider time to focus on:

*Fine tuning the position

*Work on any existing postural challenges

*Fine tune sitting trot at different speeds.

*Working on transitions

*Improve canter seat and hip flexibility

*Rehabilitation after injury using the horse nd other equipment.

*Helping to reduce metal blocks after accidents

*Ideal when the weather is bad

Mavros is situated in his own stables where riders will also have the benefit of using different equipment items for exercises. These include the following:

*Mirrors to the side and in front of Mavros

*Balancing Balls

*Equipment for body stretches to use to encourage flexibility and warm up routines alongside images of exercises.

Using a mechanical horse has so many benefits,

The movement promotes many physical benefits such as:

*Increased Circulation

*Development of Balance and improved co-ordination among many others

* Therapeutic riding can help children and adults with various challenges and delays in development.

Debbie Moore Clinics 

Debbie will be running clinics on Mavros she is a biomechanics expert 


Friday 21st Jan

Saturday 29th Jan

Saturday 12th Feb

Friday 18th Feb

Sunday 27th feb

More info about Debbie can be found on her website www.debbiemoore.co.uk