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Changing Lives Through Horses is a programme of regular sessions, taking place in a BHS Approved Riding Centre with qualified and experienced BHS Accredited Professional Coaches.

The programme is suitable for young people, aged 5-25, who are either permanently excluded, at risk of permanent exclusion or who have special education needs or disabilities (SEND) and those who are not in employment, education, or training (NEET). They may also be at risk of becoming socially excluded with income below the poverty line and without the skills to improve their economic situation.



The programme utilises a range of awards and achievements to create a community for development, learning and celebration. 

The programme awards are structured around promoting the holistic development of all involved and nurturing six life skills for all young people: 

  • Building relationships

  • Communication 

  • Confidence

  • Responsibility

  • Teamwork

  • Perseverance

Alongside these important life skills, this programme supports children in a variety of their academic areas from Maths to Food Preparation and Nutrtition. Through the CLTH programme we aim to support children and get them back in education or guide them back on track, so they can continue achieving. 












For our participants aged over 11 we are able to help them earn a BHSQ Personal Development Qualification which is a GCSE recognised by Ofqual. There are three levels included in this:

  • BHSQ Entry Level 3 Personal Development 

  • BHSQ Level 1 Personal Development 

  • BHSQ Level 2 Personal development 

This qualification helps children develop new and existing skills, progress to further education/studying and continue into employment. Working together with our team, participants create a portfolio of their achievements. We are able to make this flexible to everyone's individual needs and make it accessible, so everyone is able to achieve no matter their background or abilities. 

Areas you can expect to cover include:

  • communication skills

  • working safely and independently 

  • building relationships

  • building confidence 

  • responsibility and self-reflection

please email Vicki at


1-1 sessions

These sessions involve participants working towards either the explorer or achievers framework depending on their age. We can do these as ridden or non-ridden sessions. These can be a good introduction if someone is slightly nervous around horses or working i groups. This can be privately funded or funded by the local authority. 


Explorers group

We are running this group on Tuesday afternoons 1-3 pm. Our explorer group is for young people aged 11+ and to provide opportunities for those who are NEET. These are 2 hours long and involve work towards the explorer awards and a half hour riding lesson. We are also able to incorporate the BHSQ Personal development qualification into this. This can be privately funded or funded by the local authority.  


Achievers group

These sessions will run on a Wednesday 1-3 pm. these are for our younger participants aged 5-11 years and helps them learn new skills and awards along the way. This a great opportunity for children to make friends and explore teamwork and leadership skills, incorporating links to the national curriculum.  This can be privately funded or funded by the local authority. 

changing lives

We do not have facilities to host guests accompanying participants. The majority of our sessions do not require parents or carers to stay, although you are welcome to wait in your vehicle. We will discuss your individual requirements with you before beginning a programme to ensure that all stakeholders are happy.


Referrals can be made by anybody wishing to gain additional support for their child or young person. We have considered referrals from schools, parents or guardians, social services and local authorities. The best way to begin your journey with us is to email or message us on Facebook.


Our availability is very much linked to your needs. All participants are carefully scheduled to ensure their needs are fully met and we also have to consider our equine friends wellbeing too. Get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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