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New Client Information


Quarry Farm Riding School specialises in riding lessons using horses and ponies carefully chosen for their quiet temperaments and experience in developing the skills of riders. Our fully trained instructors ensure that the children are encouraged to learn, have fun and build confidence whilst maintaining the highest level of safety. 


Can we come and look around?

You are welcome to book an initial lesson and one of the coaches will show you around the centre after your lesson, we do not however do show rounds prior to booking, this is due to security and time restraints. Please do not just turn up at the centre without an appointment you will be turned away.


Do you have to have an assessment before you can ride with us?

Only if you are intending on booking into our group lessons. For private lessons, no assessment is required. We do ask, however, that you are honest on your riding ability when completing your rider registration form, so that we can get a good idea of where you are with your riding.


Are there any weight or age restrictions?

Yes - we have an upper weight limit of 12 stone. Our minimum age for children's lessons is 4 years, but we can offer a led pony ride for children 2 1/2 years upwards. 


Are lessons weather-dependant?

Horse-riding is very much an outdoor activity, and so we continue to operate come rain or shine. It is advisable to invest in some warm, waterproof clothing for the winter months. During extreme weather conditions where it is unsafe to ride, we reserve the right to cancel any lesson with up to 1 hours' notice. 


What time should we arrive?

If it is your first time with us, please arrive 5-10 minutes early, so that we have time to fill in a rider registration form and get you fitted with a hat. Please note - mounting and dismounting is included in your lesson duration. 



2 1/2 - 5yo: We recommend a lead pony ride. This is a fully instructed ride around the farm and a short ride in the school, but with a big emphasis on fun and getting to know the ponies. 

5yo +: Group or private lessons are on offer with a flexible timetable to suit the busy lives of many. Fully instructed lessons that are varied, fun and most importantly, safe. 



How can we book and what is your cancellation policy?

Bookings must be made via the telephone (07427 107162) or via email Before we take your booking you will need to tell us your height, weight and riding experience. 


 All clients need to pay for all booked lessons in full , we accept cash,bank transfer or cards.


All pony day bookings need full payment at time of booking,  spaces are transferrable with 48 hours notice


Clients missing lessons without 48 hours notice  will be charged for the missed lesson, we have had to implement this system due to bookings and no shows, which is very expensive for the business.


Can I request what horse i want to ride?

All our horses and ponies are selected on their suitability for life in a riding school, while we understand you or your chid will have a "favourite" everyone does, we will NOT take any requests or demands for a particular horse. learning to ride is about learning to ride all shapes and sizes of ponies and horses, not just your favourite. please do not email or call us asking for a particular horse.


Thank you all for your understanding,

Rosie and team

48 hours notice must be given for any cancellation or amendment to lesson date, otherwise the full lesson fee is payable. no refunds are given under any circumstances


Riding Attire

If you are new to horse-riding, we can provide you with a fitted hat to use for your lesson. It is recommended that you wear full-length stretchy trousers with long thick socks for added protection. Footwear needs to be sturdy with a smooth sole and a small heel to prevent your foot slipping through the stirrup. 



Whilst horse-riding is recognised as a risk sport, you can be assured that we take your child's safety very seriously. It is important to understand that horses and ponies are sensitive animals that can behave unpredictably at times. All of our riders must at all times follow the guidelines that we give in order to enjoy the maximum benefit from being in the wonderful environment of horses. 


Hat Standards

This year hat standards have changed, please can all clients be aware and ensure that you check your hat prior to your lesson, or allow additional time for staff to check it on arrival. 

All hats that clients borrow have been checked and any that no longer fit standard have been removed and replaced with new ones so you can be assured you will be protected. 


Please be patient with staff as we check all hats to check they comply with the new standards, all hats will be tagged to show they have been checked. 

hat checks
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