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pony day


The children arrive at 10am, we meet the ponies, and then begin to learn all about caring for them. We have a group lesson ride in the morning before lunch (packed lunch needs to be provided) and we do a gymkhana in the afternoon! 


Lots of pony fun and games to be had. The children enjoy lunch in the middle of the day and enjoy the company of horses and ponies in a safe, friendly environment. 


The children say goodbye to the ponies at 3pm.

The days run 10-3 during the day the children experience owning their own pony and being responsible for their care, they ride twice during the day.


Children can attend from 6yrs upwards they do not have to have ridden before they MUST however show an interest in horses and outdoor/physical activity.





These mornings run from 10am -1pm and include a riding lesson and all you need to know about caring for a pony.


Children can attend from 5 years to 16.

the cost is £45


  Summer Pony Days

- 23rd July 

- 24th July

- 25th July 

- 30th July 

- 31st July

- 1st August 

- 2nd August 

- 6th August 

- 7th August 

- 8th August 

- 9th August 

- 13th August 

- 14th August 

- 15th August 

- 16th August 

- 20th August 

- 21st August 

- 22nd August 

- 23rd August 

- 27th August 

- 28th August 

- 29th August 

- 30th August 

pony pals

PONY PALS                                   


Come along to groom and cuddle a horse or pony for 20 minutes. A perfect

way to gain confidence and learn more about the ponies before you start lessons. This is also a great add on if you want to get to know your favourite horse better!


No matter your level of experience these sessions are perfect for anyone (ages 3 up). 

They are £20 for a 20 minute session!


 Non ridden session 

pony club



We are a pony club linked center, Pony club is £74 a month and the children come twice a month for two hours, this includes a riding lesson and learning all about the care of the pony, we work towards the official pony club badges, which when achieved are awarded to the children to sew onto their uniforms.


PLEASE NOTE: Pony Club is non transferrable and a commitment, missed days will not be refunded or transferred. If a Saturday fall on the 30th/31st of the previous month and a Sunday the 1st, This will be counted as the first weekend of the month.


Monthly membership: £74

Annual pony club members fee: £41

Pony club in association with Quarry Farm uniform: £35


13th August 10-3 pm

Pony clubbers will be working towards the farrier badge. This is a special opportunity as this badge is unable to be completed in our weekend sessions. The day will include:

  • demonstrations from our farrier

  • hands on opportunities

  • private mavros lesson

  • Gymkhana 

  • Pony fun and activities

  • Horse shoe souvenir 

  • fact sheet

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