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Do you listen to your monkey brain?

Now as far as we are aware all our clients are human... but do you know how much of your brain is actually monkey?

There is a theory that the part of our brain which makes us anxious and stressed is actually the part of our brain which has remained 'monkey'. It is the part of our brain which makes us make quick decisions based on our emotions, these are not always the best decisions. Knowing this, how much of your brain do you think is controlled by the monkey you?

Once you recognise how much of your thought it being made by the monkey you, you can start to change your mindset and override the monkey.

An example would be, if your coach tells you to do something that makes you nervous think about it, is it you that is nervous or is it your monkey brain? If it is the monkey brain try and change your mindset, think about the task more positively . If your coach has asked you to do something it is because they believe you can!

Do you think you can tame your monkey brain?

In our previous blog post we recommended different audiobooks and podcasts which can help.

My top 2 are:

- The chimp paradox

- How to master your monkey mind

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