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Picturing the best you - visulisation

Visualisation is the process of imagining a scenario which we would like to achieve

Now this can be used to imagine yourself as an amazing dressage rider or showjumping... but it can also be as simple as imaging perfecting that rising trot or getting a really nice walk from your horse.

When you imagine something it helps connect your thoughts to the parts of your brain you don't even realise are working! This also then helps physically connect it to what you are doing.

A lot of people may find that they spend time visualising what they don't want to happen but if you flip it and imagine the positive, it can really help with your nerves and confidence!!

We recommend that before you come and have a lesson you try to visualise the positive thing you would like to achieve... then you can speak to your coach about what you pictured and start working on whatever it is.

Let us know what you have been visualising!

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