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Top 10 tips for overcoming nerves!

1. Don't be afraid to tell your coach you feel nervous - They will be able to help you to the best of your ability if you are open about it! Even coaches have felt nervous so they will understand.

2. Slow things down - When we are anxious it is quite common for our brains to go quicker, slowing down can help process the feelings and then can also help identify what is causing the nervousness!

3. Focus on the positives - After your lesson try to think back over anything that you really enjoyed about your lesson or anything you are proud of. Even if that is just getting on the horse!

4. Start small - If you are nervous take small steps, break it down into small steps do not think about the bigger picture when you are starting.

5. Sing whilst you're riding - This may sound silly but actually there is a good reason to it! If you are singing whilst you are riding then it will also force you to breath. This will automatically force your muscles to relax which will also relax your horse.

6. Listen to podcasts/audiobooks - There are so many people you can listen to which will give productive tips on to how to improve your confidence! Stay tuned on this website or on facebook as we will be posting recommendations.

7. Trust your gut - If something doesn't feel right question it. Our gut is normally very accurate, the positive spin on this is that if you're gut is saying you are fine trust it! Take a breath and keep doing what you are doing.

8. Do not overthink - Once you start getting anxious it is easy to let that feeling consume you, don't let it. The second we start other thinking the worse it gets. Tell your coach that you feel overwhelmed and talk it through.

9. Attempt to identify the trigger - Many people don't realise that what is happening outside of riding can impact your riding just as much. If something in your personal is impacting your riding try and leave behind just whilst your riding. This can be very hard but will really help.

10. Change what you are doing - if normal lessons aren't working for you book a mechanical horse lesson, if you are too nervous to even get on a horse book a session just to meet the horse you would be riding.

These tips wont work for everyone but they are an excellent starting point! We hope this can help at least a few people. More posts will be coming soon so watch this space!

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